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Marin Activity Professionals

Providing Education  
Lifelong Learning

MAP is a professional organization representing Life Enrichment/Activity Coordinators/Recreational Therapists. These members are all working with older adults and frail community members living in Marin County. MAP provides monthly educational opportunities to members and the public. It also is a forum for members to get updated on regulations, innovative program ideas, and implementation strategies. MAP provides speakers for organizations on a wide range of topics.



Activity Professionals are  essential members of the team in all Convalescent Centers, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care and Post Acute Settings. One of their many responsibilities is to design and coordinate Life Enrichment Activities for and with community members in long-term care settings.  As advocates against ageism, they work tirelessly to engage and empower community members in meaningful ways on a daily basis.



Marin Activity Professionals  work with the greater community to implement joint projects, such as donations, volunteers and special programs, such as those designed during the Pandemic to bring individualized programming to isolated elders. All of these efforts are meant to enhance the quality of life for elders in skilled nursing and assisted living communities.  In addition, MAP creates opportunities for both  on-site and distance-delivered communication between community members and the greater community.


  • Marin Activity Professionals (MAP), originally called Marin Activity Coordinators (MAC), was established in 1982. 

  • This professional networking group highlights over 50 long-term care settings in Marin County.

  • MAP offers interactive meetings, facilitated by local, national and internationally recognized presenters.

  • The collaborative links members to current state-approved Activity Coordinator training courses and continuing education opportunities.

  • MAP builds relationships, connecting Activity Professionals with the greater community. 

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"Marin Activity Professionals is an indispensable group that brings vital updates and essential information to older adult services and care providers."
Gina Pandiani, MA ,AP-BC, Former MAP President

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