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A Brief EARWORM Activity: Family Relationships

Updated: Jan 13

Sunrise, Sunset is an example music that may appreal to individuals of any age who are interested in family relationships. The song was originally played in Fiddler on the Roof. I've played this EARWORM in various versions to both children and elders, who dance, sing, and beat to the tune, or draw pictures related to the tune. Some play the tune on a piano or other musical instrument.

Sample versions (there are many more available to listen to for free on the Internet):

Sunrise, Sunset, from the film LionKing,

Sunrise, Sunset, from the film Fiddler on the Roof,

Sunrise, Sunset, from film Beautiful Boy,

After listening to the tunes, ask such questions as the following (or notice facial expressions and body movements of those who cannot use words to express themselves):

  • What was your favorite version of the tune? Why?

  • Which instrument did you prefer to listen to that played this tune?

  • Which film setting touched you the most?

  • Which singer did you like best to sing this tune?

  • What in the lyrics or tune brought back memories to you (you are welcome to share your memory)?

  • How are the words "sunrise" and "sunset" metaphors in family relationships?

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