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An EARWORM: Which Popular Holiday Song Do You Prefer?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Listening to music has always played an important role in learning, expression, and communication. If older generations want to connect with younger generations, we need to find out what kind of music appeals to young generations.The amount of time children and adolescents spend listening to music in its various forms has continued to increase over the years. As such, the effect that music has on children and adolescents can be quite strong. Source: American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology.

Questions to stimulate discussion:

  • Which version of the following holiday songs do you prefer? Why?

  • Ask younger generations what version of the same holiday song they prefer and why. Is it the Beat? Rhythm? Genre (i.e., dance, R&B, pop, rap, jazz, electronic, country)? Theme (i.e., love, sex, loyalty, independence, friendship, authority)? Way to explore their feelings and emotions?

Halloween Monster Mash

Jinglebell Rock

All I Want for Christmas

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