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What Are the Stories that You Choose To Tell about 2021?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Here are 9 questions offered by Sam Horn,, that can shape how you choose to tell your story this year:

The Stories I Choose to Tell About 2021

1. How did I give back, volunteer or make a difference this year? 2. Who is someone who really showed up for me, who positively impacted me? How so? 3. How did I change - for good? What new habits, rituals, beliefs, and behaviors did I adopt? 4. What’s a meaningful accomplishment I achieved or a skill I learned I’m proud of? 5. What was hard? What was discouraging? How did I deal with it? 6. did I learn about myself that was surprising? 7. What is the best book I read, movie/TV program I saw, podcast I listened to? Why? 8. Whatis a regret I have from this year? Something I wish I'd done differently? 9. When I think back on this year, what am I most grateful for? Why?

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