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Elders and Youngsters Sing to Beatles Books

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The Beatles are authoring children's books that elders and youth can sing together. And, being the Beatles, they can get the best illustrators, who appeal to all ages, from two to 102 (and beyond). They especially appeal to baby boomers and their grandchildren or other young friends.

My seven-year old grandson can read. Upon reading Imagine, he asked, "Why can't the world be like that now?"The two-year old can say the last word of a verse on each page and dances to the music.

Here are a few of the Beatles books that elders can sing and read with youngsters and or shared in a YouTube Read Aloud:

You can also follow along a digital read-aloud or play the music for free from a streaming site, such as,,

In addition to the Beatles, Jazz, rock and roll, and folk musicians, who were popular with elders during the 50s and 60s, are creating, along with popular illustrators, children's books based on their songs. Examples are the following:

When You Wish Upon a Star by Judy Collins with Linda Ronstadt singing

Singing in the Rain, based on song by Arthur Freed and Nacio Her Brown, Pictures by Tim Hopgood

Every Little Thing, by Bob Marley, adapted by Cedella Marley (his oldest daughter).

Puff, the Magic Dragon, by Peter Yarrow

This Land Is Your Land, by Woodie Guthrie

What a Wonderful World by George David Weis (sung mostly by Louis Armstrong)

Elders can quickly learn what topics appeal to to a specific child. For example, if they play on a little league baseball team, try the book and lyrics to Casey at the Bat.


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