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11 Films/11 Activities featured in the 11th Annual Legacy Film Festival on Aging

Updated: Jan 13

Following are 11 featured films in the 11th Annual all-online Legacy Film Festival on Aging, recommended for both independent elders and members of long-term care communities. Link to each film's trailer on the Festival website, Most of the films are not currently available in theaters or on streaming services (or if they are available, there is often a fee). Good news! The Festival has been extended through January 22, 2023!

11 Featured Films

Listed below are 11 recommended films with links to their Trailers:

  1. Eddy's World (Program: Inventing Yourself)

  2. For the Left Hand (Program: Resilience)

  3. Haida Modern (Program: Cultural Ancestry)

  4. My Mother Dreams the Satan's Disciples in New York (Program: Family)

  5. Dear Audrey (Program:: Love and Memory)

  6. Fiddler's Journey to the Big Screen (Program: Tradition)

  7. Plastic Man: The Artful Life of Jerry Ross Barrish (Program: Beyond Plastic)

  8. Sing Me a Lullaby (Program: Family)

  9. Light Years (Program: Creativity)

  10. Duty Free (Program: Never Too Late)

  11. Golden Age Karate (Program: Vitality)

Selection Criteria

The 11 films featured in this post (out of over 40 films in the Festival), were selected for the following reasons:

  • Inspirational, entertaining, and educational

  • Address "whole person:" cognitive, social, spiritual, professional/vocational, environmental, creative, emotional, physical

  • Bring to the viewers' mind experiences in their own lives

  • Lead to follow-up activities and discussion groups

  • Expand the viewers' world-view by portraying aging experiences of inspirational elders of different ages, stages, and backgrounds

Most of the films in this article include interviews with the filmmakers that are viewable after one signs up to view the film. Whether viewed alone or with others, these films will inspire the viewer. The films are organized into 18 Programs, from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. so it would make sense to choose one or two Programs per day. The Festival has been extended through Sunday, January 22, 2023.

Discussion Questions and Activity Suggestions

I believe that it is important for viewers to have an opportunity, not only to view films, but also to digest the films by discussing them with others, and if desired, following up with an activity. To help viewers choose films they would like to see, following are Discussion Questions and suggested Follow-Up Activities:

Eddy's World

Discussion Questions

  • Why did Eddy design toys?

  • What skills/interests does he have to design toys?

  • What was the first toy he designed? What motivated him to design that toy?

  • How did Eddy's wife support him so that he could keep designing toys?

  • What role did/does his children have in supporting his creativity?

Follow-Up Activities

For the Left Hand

Discussion Questions

  • What was the devastating incident that affected Norman Malone the rest of his life?

  • How did he recover from that incident?

  • What was his major talent that he pursued, despite huge challenges?

  • How did he become a concert pianist, playing with a symphony orchestra, in his late 70s?

  • What is one of your main talents? How have you expressed those talents in the past and/or how could you share that talent at this point in your life?

Follow-Up Activities

  • Read books/articles, view films about inspirational people, such as Norman Malone, who overcame a disability. Subscribe to Alice Wong's Disability Project.

  • Volunteer in the schools to tutor children with disabilities.

  • Serve as a role model for younger generations by pursuing your talents and interests and sharing them with youth.

Haida Modern

Discussion Questions

  • What did Robert Davidson learn from his heritage, growing up on the island of Haida?

  • How has he shared his heritage with the world?

  • How has he been a voice for under-represented populations?

  • What motivated him to reconcile with his parents, whom he rebelled against when he was growing up?

  • Do you identify with him in any way? If so, how?

Follow-Up Activities

My Mother Dreams the Satan's Disciples in New York

Discussion Questions

  • What qualities o you like about the lead actress?

  • In what ways do you identify with her? In what ways are you different from her?

  • Do you know anyone who reminds you of her? If so how are they like her?

  • Have you ever experienced situtations similar to hers? If so, how did you react to those situations? What might you do differently now than you might have done before?

  • Do you identify with any of the other characters in the film? If so, in what ways are you like them?

Follow-Up Activities

  • View related media, such as a script made from the film, that elders can act out.

  • Create theater events, acted out by community members, post on YouTube, such as Listen To Your Elders

Dear Audrey

Discussion Questions

  • What motivated Martin Duckworth to change in his relationships with his wife and daughter in his later years?

  • How did he change in these relationships with his wife and daughter?

  • How did his wife's behavior differ from the behavior of alzheimer stereotypes?

  • How did Martin's relationship with his wife differ from stereotypes of family caregivers?

  • What did you learn about caregiver/care receiver relationships from viewing this film?

Follow-Up Activities

Fiddler's Journey to the Big Screen

Discussion Questions

  • What did you learn about family relationships from this film?

  • What role did the violinist on the rooftop play in the film?

  • Why do you think the film Fiddler on the Roof remains so popular after 50 years?

  • Why do you think the film Fiddler on the Roof appeals to viewers of different backgrounds and belief systems?

  • Do you identify with any people in the film? If so, with whom do you identify and why?

Follow-Up Activities

  • Schedule an exhibit or a discussion of art that was used in a film, such as the art of Marc Chagall.

  • Play music that was used in the film. Participants can sing/play the music in various ways (i.e., record players, streaming music, musical instruments, choir)

  • Launch a Monthly Program based on a film with memorable music.

Plastic Man: The Artful Life of Jerry Ross Barrish

Discussion Questions

  • What did Beachcomber Jerry Ross Barrish do with trash?

  • What was his motivation to clean up the trash on the beach?

  • How have you contributed to cleaning up the environment or how would you like to clean up the environment?

  • What was the artist's disability that he overcame through his art.

  • Would you like to find out more how you can help save the environment for future generations? Is so, view Harry Moody's websote, amd email him to subscribe to his newsletter,

Follow-Up Activities

Sing Me a Lullaby

Discussion Questions

  • Why did Tiffany want to locate and reconnect with her mother's birth family in Taiwan?

  • How did Tiffany's mother get separated from her birth bother (Tiffany's grandmother)?

  • How did Tiffany's mom get reunited with her birth mother?

  • Tiffany says, "I may have started out looking for my grandmother, but in the end, I found my mom." What does she mean by that?

  • Have you been adopted or do you know anyone who has been adopted? If so, would you like to share your story or do you have their permission to share their story?

Follow-Up Activities

  • Give elders who have personal stories of adoption an opportunity to share their stories through writings, storytelling, artifact displays/photos/artwork.

  • Invite local /regional/national organizations, such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, that provide support for adopted children and at-risk children to present to elders in your community about their services. Volunteers in these organizations also appreciate support. At one elder community where I worked, we invite family members of that organization to our community on Thanksgiving Day. They shared with elders The Great Listen, a Storytelling Activity. Holidays are great times for an intergenerational activity, in which elders and youth to share stories

Light Years

Discussion Questions

  • How did Dee, Anita, and Paul rewrite their story in their later years?

  • Why do you think the director, Claire Marie Panke, chose to tell their stories?

  • Why did it take her over a decade to direct this film?

  • What do you find inspirational about any of these three featured people?

  • How have you rewritten your story in your later years or what would you like to do in your later years?

Follow-Up Activities

  • Check out the information about the cast and filmmakers on this and other documentary films.

  • Give community members an opportunity to talk about their favorite cast members in the film. Maybe they can even dress up or dance/sing like Anita and Dee in the film.

  • Discuss the experiences of cast members with immigration and experiences of community members or staff with immigration.

  • Discuss mentoring of Paul and how communities members can use their interests/skills/experience to be mentors for younger generations.

Duty Free

Discussion Questions

  • What does Sian-Pierre Regis do to help his mother recelaim her life after she is fired from her job?

  • How did you reclaim your life after you were let go or left a job or a role that you chose to leave?

  • What would you like to do in your later years?

  • Who can help you meet your dreams or who has helped you find meaning in your later life?

  • What was Sian-Pierre's mother's "bucket list?" What is your "bucket list?"

Follow-Up Activities

  • View the website of the filmmaker and his mother, filled with activity suggestions, such as Bucket List Day, I showed this film to an 8-year old. who told me he had a bucket list. You don't need to be near the end of your life to create a bucket list of intentions for the next month/year or in the future.

  • Draw a picture, compose a poem, or sing a song about "Bucket List.;" for example, Mitchell Tenpenny's Bucket List Lyric Video.

Golden Age Karate

Discussion Questions

  • Why did Jeffrey's mother start him when he was a child in learning martial arts?

  • Why did he help his grandmother learn martial arts?

  • What is the value of martial arts for elders?

  • Why does Jeffrey like to teach martial arts to elders?

  • Do you practice or are you interested in learning martial arts? If so, why?

Follow-Up Activities

  • Show the film and then discuss with elders what type of physical exercise they would like in their community.

  • Invite exercise teachers to share their techniques with community members, either on-site or online.

  • Provide opportunities for elders to participate in exercise routines that meet their interests/needs

A Special Thanks to Marin Activity Professional Gina Pandiani, for participating with me in a recorded discussion about these films, also featured on Channel 30 of MarinTV, and to Marin Activity Professional Denise Bondy, for reaching out to Marin eldercare communities. For more information, view attached PDF flyer

Updated Legacy 2023 Flyer
Download PDF • 272KB

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