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Hear, Hear! Calling All Hearing Challenged Who Love Classical Music

Updated: Apr 14

If you and/or your loved ones/clients love classical music, and are having a difficult time listening to streaming music, following is a suggestion:

  1. Visit an audiologist who is familar with the newest technology. Ask the audiologist to recommend hearing aids that are compatible with Bluetooth.

  2. Subscribe to Apple Music on iPhone. The Apple Classical Music App came out on March 23, 2023. Apple Classical Music is a subset of Apple Music that currently only plays on your iPhone (not your computer or iPAD). There is no additional charge for Apple Classical Music if you are already subscribed to Apple Music.

  3. Your iPhone can connect via Blutetooth to your hearing aids that are compatible with Bluetooth.

  4. Your iPhone will play the music idrectly into your hearing aid.

  5. Many options: A perk with Verizon is 6-months free access to Apple Music. Apple has its own incentives, such as with an Apple Music family subscription, up to six people can enjoy unlimited access to Apple Music on their devices.

This is not a promotion for Apple. A person dear to me, who needs hearing aids, loves classical music, as do I. He lives in an elder community. The new Apple Classical Music subsidiary of the Apple Music app has transformed his life.

Since a goal of activity professionals in elder communities is to enhance the lives of community members, a staff member with technology expertise is indespensible. Either identify a staff member or community member with this strength (and interest), or develop skills in technology, yourself.

An Activity:

Attached are two YouTube recordings:

  • Rafael Aguirre Guitar Recital.

  • Nadege Rochat & Rafael Aguirre - La Vida Breve (Manuel de Falla)

  1. Listen to these two music recordings with and then without earphones or air pods on Apple Classical Music and on the YouTube.

  2. Start a small Classical Music group of five folks in your family or community to share a family Apple Music plan. You can listen to the music all together or separately, with ear phones or hearing aids. Ask which streaming service they prefer and if their assisted technology devices (i.e., hearing aids, connected earphones or air pods). make a difference in the quality of sound.

If you don't think folks with memory loss can enjoy this experience, try it out with them. You might be surprised at their reaction. What if you/they don't have any hearing loss? Can this listening experience be enjoyed by individuals of any, age, stage, background or ability? Try it.

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