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It's Never Too Late

Updated: Feb 6

Never Too Late, one of 18 Programs in the 2023 Legacy Film Festival on Aging, is the primary theme of the award-winning film, Duty Free. "It's Never Too Late" is also a NY Times article theme published January 1, New Years Day 2023, entitled 10 Insightful Tips From People Who Prove It’s Never Too Late.

The NY Times article gives examples of a woman who learned how to ride horseback at age 63, a man who recorded his first album of original music at age 85, and another man who moved to Mumbai to become a Bollywood actor in his 40s.

My Intentions for the New Year

On New Years Day, I called my friend in her 80s to gain inspiration for the year ahead. She said (I'm putting this in my own words because I was walking while talking with her), "Tap into your own interests and what you need to do or be will emerge." Following are Festival films that inspire me (impact what I need to do or be):

Tips for Setting Your New Year Intentions

The article in the Times provides us with inspirational tips as we set our intentions. Following are a few of the article's tips:

  • "First figure out why you think you can’t do something and ask yourself if that’s a valid point," said a woman who climbed El Capitan for the first time at age 66.

  • A woman, who learned to swim at 68, advised, “Don’t give yourself an option to give up. I never thought about quitting.”

  • A woman, who, at 93, took up cello, said. “It has given me a way to communicate without using words.”

  • A woman in her 80s, who found new love, said, "Think of something you want to do and then ask someone if they want to do it with you."

What are YOUR Intentions for the New Year?

What would you like to do or how would you like to be as the new year unfolds? As a Board Member of the Festival, I have shared with you some of my favorite films from this year's Festival. To discover films that might spark your intentions for the New Year, I invite you to view the upcoming 2023 Legacy Film Festival on Aging. The Festival goes through Sunday, January 22, 2023.

If you'd like to share your intentions; i.e., what you would like to do or how you would like to be, either this year, in the coming years, or before the end of your life, I invite you to send an email to


Attached to this post are two PDF files:

  • 10-Films Slide Show, 4-up, Click on each slide to view a Trailer of each featured film.

  • Legacy Flyer available to download and post or as handout.

It may be "never too late" to view some of the films, but is you want to view them in a carefully curated and economical way, many of which are accompanied by interviews with the filmmaker, subscribe to the Festival Programs soon, because it ends January 22, 2023. If you want help navigating through the Programs, email Subject: It's Never Too Late.

10-Films Slide Show 4-up
Download PDF • 2.78MB

Legacy Flyer
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