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Keep Your Eye on the Donut, Not the Hole

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

That's my message to California Activity Professionals. Focus on what you have, not what you're missing in life. We're all in the same boat, wasted from the Pandemic, fires, floods, or other man-made and natural disasters. Everyone's been affected or knows someone who has been affected. I choose positive images to keep me focused on what's positive.

My inspiration comes from Maestro David Dworkin, originator of the Conductorcise music/movement program for folks of all ages and stages.

In several of his exercise workouts, Maestro David plays music by the folksinger, Burl Ives, singing "The Donut Song" (you can find him singing and playing the song on YouTube). Even though donuts don't appeal to my healthy diet preferences, I am attracted to the image of donuts because they stimulate all the senses and are popular in countries around the world. Similarly, I never used to like sunflowers, but now I am attracted to them because they make me happy. I run around, moving to Conductorcise workouts with both oldsters and youngsters, holding a sunflower as a "baton". Batons can be peacock features, chopsticks, pencils, or whatever implement is on hand.

We shared ways to implement monthly themes, such as "Building Community." Here's how: Take an image, such as "donut" or "sunflower". Create with others, such as community members, staff, family members, a variety of experiences throughout the month, related to that image, that carries out the theme. For example, read and discuss a book about donuts with children or invite a donut chef to conduct a demo in your community, with elders designing the topping.

What other fun ways to build community can you envision?

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