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Looking at the World from the Cattle's Point of View

Updated: Aug 8

In her new book, "Visual Thinking: The Hidden Gifts of People Who Think in Pictures," Temple Grandin says, "To experience a cow's eye view, I jumped down into the chute. Once inside, I saw what kinds of things were halting the cattle in their tracks..."

In Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a popular "K-drama" tv series. Young-woo, who has 'autism spectrum disorder' is a person of extreme strength and extreme weakness, a combination of high IQ and low EQ, superior to most of us and inferior to most of us. Young-woo is, in a word, extraordinary. Source.

If only we could find some way/s to identify with the people we serve or with whom we have a relationship, whether it be elders, younger adults, or youth, people with memory loss or other disabilities, individuals who have different cultural backgrounds, political views and approaches to life than we have, then the world would be a better place.

Following is an outline of the article:

  • Labeling Is Disempowering

  • Mother's Day Event

  • Activity Suggestions:

  • Something To Think About

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