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Make Whatever Pain You Can't Get Rid of into Some Form of Artistic Expression

We all have experienced pain. In her Bitterweet book and course, Susan Cain asks us how we might transform our own pain into artistic expression. She shares a Leonard Cohen song, Famous Blue Raincoat. Leonard Cohen, a Canadian singer-songwriter, poet, and novelist, who explored religion, politics, isolation, depression, sexuality, loss, death, and romantic relationships, passed away November 7, 2016, at the age of 82.

Simultaneously, I discovered another musician, Ben Mirin, maybe more than half Cohen's age. Ben Mirin is an acoustic biolgist, science communicator, educator, artist, and media producer. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology. Listen to a clip from MADA, one of his latest recordings. He created a BeastBox Game made by the CornellLab. Here is his 2017 TED Talk.

Ben Mirin's target audience is youg people. Being neurodiverse, he is especially passionate about unlocking a love of nature among learners who work best outside traditional methods for science education. Leonard Cohen's lyrics and music appeals especially to the boomer generation, but is also attracting a younger audience.

Ben Mirin's career blossomed at about the same time that Leonard Cohen died. I envision both of their music attracting all ages. Elders, as well as youth, and all ages in between can be inspired by nature, environmental issues, electronic music, and song.

May all generations be inspired to express themselves artistically

through music created by such talented innovators as Ben Mirin and Leonard Cohen.

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