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Soar Like an Eagle

Updated: Apr 10

Symbolism in films, music, art, and theater can be inspirational for all generations. Many of us could appreciate support from experiencing arts-inspired symbolism. We don't know when we will die, but sharing a vision might inspire ourselves and others when we pass. An inspirational vision of an animal or other living thing can also bolster our children, relatives, or friends in times of need.

I invited a young child close to me , when they were scared or sad, or having a hard time going to sleep, to imagine I was an angel on their shoulder. A mother invited her child to imagine his older deceased sister was a butterfly. Since many children (and adults) like spaceships, airplanes, birds, and other flying objects, they might enjoy envisioning themselves as an eagle or hawk, such as Maui, a part-god, part- man, in the animated Disney movie "Moana."

If you do an Internet search for an "Eagle" or "Hawk" costume, you will find many printed capes and masks for both children and adults to dress up as Maui in his hawk appearance (child example, adult example) Or you could facilitate a mask or costume-making activity in your neighborhood. Around the Marin Civic Center pond, you can collect duck or bird feathers to create a headdress or to keep as a lucky feather (I would wash real feathers first before sharing them).

Dance movements include raising one's hands/arms above one's head, like a bird. It's a good exercise stretch for the arms, whether bent or straight, moving together or from one side to another, sitting or standing. Many cultures use arm and hand movements, such as raising one's arms above one's head or opening and closing one's hands/fingers, to represent eagles and other flying animals. Following are a few examples:

  • Wacipi: Celebrating Native American Dance and Song.

  • Mudras To convey inner feelings, two classifications of mudras (hand/finger gesture) are used in Indian classical dance. Mudras are a prominant part of the dancer's vocabulary in Thai dances, Cambodian dances, Lao dances, Burmese dances and Malay dances

  • Ancient Meaning of Raising of Hands – In Exodus 9 and 17, Moses raised his hands above his head. While this gesture may seem strange to us, it’s a very ancient and sacred gesture for prayer and approaching the power of God.

Here are four films, accompanied by symphonic music, portraying inspirational bird symbolism:

"All Birds find shelter during a rain.But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference!" Abjul Kalam

Source: 62 Eaagle Quotes That Can Help You Conquer the Sky

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