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Why Marin's Activity Professionals Are "Quality of Life Champions"

Updated: Apr 10

Professionals share a common goal to enhance the quality of life of the people we serve. In long-term care, professionals need to educate people about the impact our work and programs have in our communities. We also need to continually build our own skills and knowledge.

Activity Director Role

The primary goal of Activity Professionals in long-term care facilities is to create a home-like environment where community members have control of their lives. The Director of the Department of Activity Services creates policies and procedures that lead to programs that meet the needs of community members and comply with all appropriate government regulations, including the development and analysis of quality indicators. The Director of Activities also supervises activity staff and volunteers within the community.

As members of the community's interdisciplinary team, Directors of Activities assess community members, write and carry out care plans, and update the plans at appropriate intervals. We work with community members to discover their capabilities and to plan activities that maintain and/or enhance those capabilities. Other responsibilities may include facilitating Resident Council, publishing a newsletter, coordinating events, helping public relations, conducting community outings, and providing the best possible environment for community members. Source: Long Term Care manual, currently being updated to its 8th edition.

Marin Activity Professionals

Marin Activity Professionals (M.A.P.), formerly Marin Activity Coordinators (M.A.C.), was established in 1982. Following are M.A.P.'s goals:

  • Celebrate the important work of Marin's Activity Professionals

  • Network with Activity Professionals

  • Build Continuing Education Hours towards National Certification

  • Develop knowledge and skills to transition through many levels of care and ability

  • Access an online library of regulatory updates and current information

Why Join M.A.P.

Marin's aging population is growing rapidly. People over the age of 60 currently represent 28% of the County's poplulation and will account for 37% of the county's residents by 2030. Fifty percent of those who responded to a 2019 Marin Needs Assessment said they were unpaid caregivers to a family member or friend, 35% of unpaid caregivers were feeling physical stress and 54% reporting emotional stress. Not only are caregivers aging, but their cared-for are living longer. Both cared-for and caregivers, (I prefer the term "Care-Partners") may eventually need the services of long-term care communities.

Marin's Activity Professionals play a key role in providing quality of life for community members of both skilled nursing and assisted living communities. Like those we serve, M.A.P., members need community to learn and earn. By networking and learning with our M.A.P. peers, we become "Quality of Life Champions." Click on attached flyer to find out how to join, now only $35 annually per community (up to five staff members) or $20 for an individual annual membership.

M.A.P. Flyer
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