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Why Choose This Film To Launch a Monthly Program

Updated: Jan 17


A new version of "Cyrano" is now streaming on Amazon Prime. It's a musical romantic drama, based on a play, starring Peter Dinklage, who doesn't think he deserves Roxanne, the love of his life. Over 10 films and plays, Broadway musicals, operettas, concerts, and operas have featured Cyrano de Bergerac. In this post, I shall give examples of how we can launch a Monthly Program based on a theme in a film or theater production.

What I Like about the Film

  • Lead Actor: Dinklage plays the leading role. Like Cyrano, he is brilliant, witty, has a facility with language and a wry sense of humor. His singing voice is low and lovely, though he said that he hadn't sung since he was a child.

  • Intimate Relationships: Erica Schmidt wrote and directed the theater version of Cyrano. She is Peter Dinklage's wife. Joe Wright, the director of the film, is the husband of Haley Bennett, who plays the love of Cyrano's life.

  • Vulnerability: Like his Cyrano character, Drinklage says there’s always a feeling of unworthiness in the face of love. “When you meet somebody you love, they’re suddenly so important and so powerful that of course your go-to is, ‘I’m not worthy of this, because why would I be? This is so much bigger than me.’” Source.

  • Arts: I also like the songs, music and dance routines in the film. Here are some memorable quotes and word play from the film.

  • Multiculturalism: In addition, I like the representation of a hero who happens to have a disability and others in the film who are from a variety of backgrounds.

I invite you to watch the film, reflect on the thought questions below, and discuss with others what this film means to you and to other people:

Things to think about:

  • What do you like about the film?

  • What would you do differently if you were a film director? (One thing I would do differently or in another film is feature a lead character with a disability who is attracted to another person in the film with a disability; in other words, explore the concept of attraction).

  • Do you identify with anyone in the film?

  • If so, with whom do you identify? Why?

  • What scene is most memorable to you? Why?

  • What did you learn from watching this film?

How can you launch a Monthly Program based on this Film?

  • Facilitate a group discussion after watching the film.

  • Create a poem or with others create a group poem with a theme from the film, such as love, pride, self confidence, relationships, other...

  • Create a dance routine with others related the poem that you (and others) created.

  • Compose a song related to the poetry in the film or that you (and others) created..

  • Play music related to the theme of love or relationships, or other themes in the film..

  • Facilitate any of the above activities with school children on-stie or throught distance.

Creating Activities

Want to be inspired? View Homeless To A Superstar - The Speech That Broke The Internet, Peter Dinklage, Dinklage, the star of Cyrano, is in the midst of acting in several new films. If you like an actor, view other films in which they have starred. What you admire about them, you have in yourself.

Rather than give more examples of how to create activities based on a theme in this film, such as "Love", I refer you to a YouTube Channel, set up by an assisted living community in Oakland, CA – Elder Ashram – that produced a video on the theme of "Food". View: The program includes word games, music, singing, acting, a food demo open to visitors, and many other activities based on the theme of "Food" and enacted by community members and staff.


If you have more Monthly Programming suggestions inspired by the film Cyrano, or other films mentioned in recent MAP blog posts, please email to

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