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We Viewed a Film, Listened to the Film's Music. What Next?

Updated: May 5

How can we move forward after identifying our favorite EARWORMS (music that plays over and over in our heads) in films? Let's use the film Fantasia as an example of how we can create intergenerational activities after watching a film with memorable music.


In the previous blog post, I mentioned reading books that relate to the film. We can conduct a From Page To Screen Intergenerational Club, either on-site or through distance delivery. The books could include the following:

Film Clips

Here are free links to film clips of stories from Fantasia: editors recommend Fantasia 2000 as delightful, but may scare more sensitive kids, age 6+ (I share scenes from Fantasia with pre-schoolers, as well as school-age children).

Sheet Music

Sheet music is available through YouTube and many other sources for a variety of musical instruments used in the film, especially piano.


Here are free YouTube links to ballets in the Fantasia film:

Rite of Spring, composed by Igor Stravinsky, and so beautifully portrayed in Disney's Fantasia film, has been featured in many ballet performances. My favorite is "Rhythm is it," featuring children from all over the world dancing to the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle.

Read Alouds

Elders can create their own read alouds (narrators reading story) or we can share the following read-alouds recorded on YouTube:


  • Backdrops (do an Internet search for "Disney Fantasia backdrop" image; in front of the backdrop, program individuals to share personal life stories related to the film}

  • Coloring book (do an Internet search for "Disney paint or coloring book")

  • Elders/youth draw/paint a collective picture or quilt of a scene from the film

  • Elders/youth draw a scene/image from the film or a memory stimulated by a scene/image from the film

  • How to draw Mickey Mouse in the 1940s: Follow instructions to draw a scene from Fantasia, such asThe Sorcerer's Apprentice & Mickey & the Beanstalk



Physical Fitness

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